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Roblox 2.595.541 apk free

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Roblox Creator Hub’s Latest Update: Release Notes for Version 595.


In this release, the long-standing issue of NoteStatusController models disappearing after exiting the Meta main menu is resolved. If you set “VREnableControllerModels” to false, these models will remain visible.

Say goodbye to the odd stretching of grass. Roblox has tackled this issue, ensuring a more visually pleasing environment.

PendingDragDetectors have been enhanced to terminate active drags on models that are streamed out during the drag, offering a smoother user experience.

Crashes resulting from dragging objects outside the streaming targetRadius are now a thing of the past.

Frame drops during playtesting in Studio and missing RenderStepped signal calls have been fixed, along with the recording of previously missed Roblox API functions in the Script Profiler.


Version 595 introduces sliders to several properties on UI instances, allowing for greater customization in your creations. Expect improvements to GuiObject.Rotation and SurfaceGui.PixelsPerStud.

The Avatar Previewer now keeps you informed by alerting you about warnings that could prevent you from uploading your avatar to the Marketplace.

The emulator now supports PS4, expanding the list of available devices.

Changes to DragDetector.DragStyle and DragDetector.ResponseStyle during a drag now reflect properly in the drag behaviors.

Live Features:

The beta release of live scripting is one of the highlights of this update. This feature allows developers to make real-time changes and see them in action as they script.

TextTruncate support for Rich Text is now available, providing more control over the display of text in your games.

A brand-new “Secret” data type is introduced to Luau, bringing additional functionality and possibilities to your scripting.

  • What is the significance of the "Secret" data type introduced in this release?
    The "Secret" data type in Luau brings a new level of privacy and control to your scripts. It allows developers to hide sensitive information while ensuring it's accessible when needed, enhancing security.
  • How does live scripting in beta release benefit developers?
    Live scripting empowers developers to make real-time script changes and see the immediate impact in their games. This feature greatly accelerates the development and debugging process, making it more efficient and intuitive.
  • Why are the sliders added to UI properties significant for creators?
    Sliders in UI properties offer creators more precise control over visual elements in their games, enhancing the customization and fine-tuning of the user interface. This empowers developers to create more engaging and visually appealing experiences for players.
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Version: 2.595.541
OS: Android
Release date: 21 September 2023
Publisher: Roblox Corporation
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
Roblox 2.595.541 apk free
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