Roblox 2.599.465 apk free

Roblox 2.599.465 apk free

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Exploring the Latest Release Notes for Roblox Creator Hub – Version 599.

Are you ready to dive into the latest developments from Roblox Creator Hub? Release Notes for version 599 bring a host of fixes, improvements, and new features for developers and creators alike. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what’s in store for the Roblox community.


One of the noteworthy fixes in this release is the resolution of issues related to TextBox attributes when Input Method Editors (IME) are enabled. This improvement ensures a smoother development experience, especially when dealing with text input in your games or experiences.


Roblox is constantly striving to make the development process more convenient and powerful. In this release, we see a new option to set custom configurations for settings in Studio Asset Importer. This enhancement provides greater flexibility for creators who want to fine-tune their assets.

Another notable improvement is the ability to soft-lock HingeConstraint, PrismaticConstraint, and CylindricalConstraint servos upon attaining their targets. This feature adds precision and control to your creations, making them more dynamic and interactive.

Live Features

In this release, you’ll find live updates related to the PlayerScripts, gamepad zoom, and vehicle camera. These updates aim to enhance the gameplay experience for both developers and players, ensuring smoother navigation and more engaging game interactions.

Additionally, the Script Editor and command bar now offer an improved autocomplete behavior. This small yet significant change makes the development process more user-friendly, allowing developers to work more efficiently.

Furthermore, the LoadCharacter function has been improved to provide better error handling, ensuring that any issues are reported correctly to the caller. This is a crucial enhancement for ensuring the stability and reliability of your games.

A new “Secret” data type has been introduced to Luau, providing creators with more tools and options for game development. While the specific applications of this data type may still be unfolding, it’s an exciting addition to the Roblox scripting environment.

  • What is the most significant improvement in Roblox Creator Hub's version 599 release?
    The introduction of custom configurations for settings in Studio Asset Importer is a standout improvement, allowing developers to tailor their assets more precisely.
  • How will the "Secret" data type impact game development on Roblox?
    While the full potential of the "Secret" data type is yet to be explored, it promises to bring new possibilities and capabilities to Luau scripting, fostering innovation among creators.
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Version: 2.599.465
OS: Android
Release date: 19 October 2023
Publisher: Roblox Corporation
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Roblox 2.599.465 apk free
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